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Extra Services

Apart for the travel and tourism packages , flight booking Trends can arrange some extra services for you like Visa Clearance , Car Renting, Travel Insurance and Many more. Please visit our office for more information.

Image 01Trends Visa Clearance

Electronic Tourist/Travel Visa

Trends Travel & Tourism on behalf of its customer can finalize Electronic Tourist/Travel Visa with minimum time to the following country: United Kingdom, Srilanka, Turkey, India. Trends can also assist its customers on obtaining Schengen visa. 

Image 02

Trends Car Renting

Rent any sort of vehicle anywhere

You can rent any type of vehicle for special occasion to the luxury car at very affordable prices, from a small private car for your daily commute, to a luxury bus or mini-bus.Contact us for detailed information.

Image 03

Trends Travel Insurance

Insure your Journey

Take advantage of our Islamic Takaful Travel Insurance to protect you from financial losses due to medical emergency, loss or delay of baggage, accident and host of other inconveniences, allowing you to relax and enjoy your vacation in safe mode.

Image 04Trends Meet & Greet

Always a Helping hand

To go to the most effortless way to and from the airport you wish, we can arrange the journey with our own car. Our staff will carry your luggage.

Trends Booking & Reservation

Trends cooperate with all major domestic and international airlines. Book your ticket from our office at very good prices and get comprehensive full report regarding the necessary procedures before your flight. These are Destination County’s visa, passport issuance, weight allowance, ticket conditions, etc which will all be a piece once you get assisted by one of our agent. By buying your air ticket from a travel agent and not from the internet, we ensure that you get personal service in case of any change in your flight. We know that the cost of airline tickets is sometimes quite high and we want to find you the lowest possible price. For this reason, we search all the fares available and we suggest you the most economic or convenient one. We are always at your disposal to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.

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